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Please Stay In. Keep Each Other Safe.

Our FREEDOM SHOP is currently closed during this COVID pandemic.

Thank you for your support and we hope to be up & running again soon.

Freedom Tribe

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It Takes A Tribe To Raise The Vibe

About Us

We are a diverse community, focusing on celebrating our differences as well as our similarities. This space is one that has been built around respect, authenticity, and growth over the last few years. Now we are excited to be building more spaces in which to deepen our sense of community and connection.

We are united through yoga.

We are also so much more.

We are doctors, directors, actors, artists, teachers, bartenders, vets, architects, designers, musicians, self-starters, CEOs, rebels, parents, partners, and friends. We are human beings united in our experience, in our practice, in our freedom.

And this is our space.



Our beautiful tribe.



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