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Self Care & Selenite

A Stone For Cleansing, Light, & Protection

Every crystal has unique properties, elements, and energies surrounding them. Selenite is the first crystal we chose to carry in our Freedom Shop because of its amazing capacity to remove obstacles towards health, abundance, and love - all the things we wish for our community on this journey together. Selenite is not a magic, it works in your favor when you begin to do the work that is needed.

Selenite is a high vibration stone that when used with intention for practice or simply as a subtle and beautiful energy source in your home or around you can help to release blocks and tensions within ourselves. It is usually pure white, transparent, with obvious striations but there have been orange, peach, grey-blue, brown, and golden yellow specimens found too. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word Selene - the goddess of the moon who personifies feminine energy, mystery, and psychic abilities.

The healing properties of the stone are all about activation and reaching higher planes to release lower vibration attachments or traumas. It's known for helping to connect to the third eye, otherwise known as the gate to higher consciousness. Through radiating light energy it promotes honesty and purity. It encourages the user to honestly communicate with themselves. Once the energy of Selenite has flowed through the third eye and crown chakras it fills the whole body with positivity and freedom of energy. This is the ideal stone for connecting with our spirit's guides, clearing our energetic fields of negative emotions, amplify our highest intentions, supports spiritual growth, and returns us back to what is important all while warding off toxic energy and protecting your space from energy vampires.

Selenite also has the amazing ability to recharge itself. When your other crystals begin to lose their luster you can use Palo Santo along with our Selenite Tower to recharge your other crystals. Simply letting the smoke circle the stones as you meditate on your new intentions.

Ideas For Selenite Practices

1. Journaling - Selenite is all about expressing truth. Before you journal or write your morning pages takes some time to sit with your eyes closed holding your stone, placing it close to the heart, while you breathe deeply for about 5-10 minutes. Then as you hold the crystal or while keeping it near begin to write freely. Don't worry about how it sounds or how it looks, allow your truth to flow freely. Expression in pure flow.

2. Resetting Energy - After a long day, week, month, or year.. Sometimes all you need is a reset - whether its a toxic person you met along the way or you are particularly drained - this is a quick way to release negative weight on the body, mind, and soul. If you'd like to play some calming music feel free. Light some Palo Santo and leave it on an ash tray to burn (make sure it's safe), then lay down either on the ground, in bed.. Anywhere you can lay out flat while feeling comfortable - feel free to use any props, blankets, or pillows you need. Take your Selenite and lay it on your chest, close the eyes and begin to breathe slowly and deeply for 5-15 minutes. Let each exhale soften and relax your body a little more, with every exhale tell yourself to Let Go. Get up slowly and gently, take your time.

3. House Keeping - Selenite is a great stone to have on your bedside, in your car, at work, really anywhere you spend a lot of time. Selenite is self charging and will continue to draw positive energy and light into the space around it. When you attach a specific intention to the stone, it acts as a reminder to your highest self of your purpose every time you see the stone.

Hope you enjoy your Selenite tower from your Freedom Tribe! Be on the look out our new incredible crystals to add to your home & practice. Coming Soon!

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