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Shopping For Essential Oils

There are many many incredible benefits to including essential oils into your life. There are also many many incredible oils to pick from. It's easy to do a quick search on new oils you are thinking of trying out. Remember that when it comes to essential oils, QUALITY needs to be the top priority. These oils are potent and very powerful but only with high purity levels. It is still a fairly unregulated industry, some brands place filler oils or chemical fillers in their oils. When shopping here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Do they provide the Latin name of the oil? It's a good way of knowing that you are getting the correct oil. Lavender, for example, has several species.

2. Do they provide the country of origin? Most of us won't know the difference between oils from different countries but oil quality can vary by country. This is a good sign that this company is marketing to aromatherapists who generally use high quality oils in their products.

3. Do they talk about purity? If it's not 100% pure oil then you should definitely know what fillers or additives you're buying.

4. Is the price too good to be true? The general rule is, if it's REALLY cheap it probably isn't the real thing. Good, quality oils undergo a thorough and particular extraction process.. That's how the benefits get properly transferred to the oil. They may cost more but because they are so potent you only need a few drops at a time.

5. Does it smell as you expect it to smell? Some oils that have additives smell a little off - whether its a touch of alcohol or something chemical-like, an out of place smell is an indicator that the oil is of inferior quality.

6. Is there any information about organic growing or wildcrafting? Most essential oils sold in the U.S. are not certified as to their organic status, but some European brands are.. Make your choices accordingly.

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